Cardboard Planet

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Boxes are pretty much the most fun toy a child can get, especially large refrigerator boxes!!!! …..and artists have transformed simple cardboard boxes into amazing works of art! Cardboard Planet is a day for all to come together to build with cardboard for art and play! Lets build an environment out of cardboard and think about the environment while we do it!! There will be music and prizes including a $100 giftcard and $50 giftcard to The Repurpose Project.

Call to Artists! This event is for ALL!! And FREE!! Serious artists, crafters, makers, families, artist groups, work groups, homeschoolers! Come play in the shade in our recently cleared out front garden and build whatever your creativity comes up with: a cardboard island with a palm tree, a cute little house, a skyscraper, or just a cardboard sculpture. Let you creativity go crazy! We are encouraging group projects because part of the fun is working together and being together, but it is not required. Please register your group so we can be sure to reserve cardboard boxes for you. Lowes is donating large appliance boxes for this event! Registration form will be available here soon!

The world we are living in is manufacturing record amounts of plastic. This plastic is often single use (used for a very short amount of time), but takes hundreds if not thousands of years to decompose. Much of this plastic is escaping into the environment and harming animals who mistake it as food or get caught up in it. All of this plastic and the problems associate with it has us thinking about material. Cardboard is a natural material that breaks down quickly when it escapes into nature and it’s incredibly FUN!!! At our store we can’t help but notice the large volume of brightly colored plastic children’s toys that seem to sit endlessly in our yard without any interest from customers. We also can’t help but notices how it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces when exposed to sunlight, because its hard to pick up all those little pieces as they crumble. Maybe it’s time to reconsider plastic and look at alternatives. Cardboard boxes are the best toys!!!

This event is free and open to the public. We will have music and prizes for the best creations!! The cardboard art will be judged on creativity and skill, but also largely also on how recyclable the artwork is after the event. Please think about this and avoid paints, tapes, glues, and any other material that will hinder the ability to recycle. Consider ways to hold things together that can easily be removed and reused. 100% of the material needs to be salvaged! No material should be purchased new for your project! Think outside the box!!! Maybe use electrical wire to sew the cardboard together?? Or rope to hold it together. Everyone is welcome to take their creations home after the event whether it be an art piece or a toy….but if it is left with us we want to be sure to recycle it!! Zero waste is always our goal!

If any businesses are interested in donating prizes please contact us at

This event is sponsored in part by a grant from the City of Gainesville, Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department.

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