Who We Are

MIKE MYERS – Co-Founder and Artist

Mike has been involved with recycling for the past forty years.  In the past ten years he has noticed a welcome awakening of consciousness towards the diverting of recyclables and other valuable resources from the nation’s landfills.

As a self taught artist Mike has blended his decades long construction/woodworking techniques with the reuse/repurposing of discarded and found objects. He likes to think of the local dumpsters as his shopping cart. This wealth of materials allows him to explore new and exciting multi-media art forms. Mike has exhibited in juried art shows from Myrtle Beach to West Palm Beach and west to Lafayette, LA including Gainesville’s Spring Arts and Downtown festivals. He has classroom collaborations of intarsia type art on permanent display at local Alachua County schools and in the past has displayed his art in the Alachua County Commission chamber.

As a co-founder of Bearded Brothers deconstruction and salvage in 2005 Mike has developed a love for the use of historic architectural elements and has found local outlets for recycled materials which sometimes involve other artists and sometimes involve chicken coops.

In 2012 Mike helped to co-found The Repurpose Project, a community based non profit creative reuse center in Gainesville, FL.  Around The Repurpose Project, Mike is affectionately known as UNCLE MIKE!! Today Mike is turning his “forever young spirit” and recycled art in the direction of education.  He hopes to develop a collaborative spirit of learning with future generations, fostering a focus on rethinking what we throw away.

Contact Mike: mike@repurposeproject.org

SARAH GOFF – Co-Founder and Artist

The Repurpose Project Co-Founder, Sarah GoffSarah Goff grew up on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands where she was more interested in picking up trash than looking for sea shells.  After graduating from New College in Sarasota with a BA in Natural Science and Fine Arts, she embarked on a fashion career in New York City.  Eventually, her concern for the world she lives in and a desire to be closer to family led her to S. Florida where she fell in love with a creative reuse center, Trash to Treasure, and all the hard working folks there.  Her interest in gardening and nature has since brought her to north Florida where she, her husband(Brian), and two daughters Betsy and Georgia enjoy the woods and the space for a large garden.  She LOVES Gainesville, but missed the creative reuse center so in January 2012 she and Mike Myers decided to start The Repurpose Project.
Contact Sarah: sarah@repurposeproject.org

WANDA J. BURNETTE-WALKER – Repurpose Mosaic Artist


Simply Passionate To Create” best describes Wanda’s love for creating one-of-a kind mosaic and fiber art pieces. After over 20 years as a video production editor and photographer, Wanda discovered her love for creating “functional art” (tables, mirrors, lazy susans, etc.).  Being a part of the Repurpose Project has given Wanda the opportunity to share her love for recycling and to teach her unique style of art.

Contact Wanda: wanda@repurposeproject.org

SKYE MCLEOD – Trash Princess

skye mcleod trash princessSkye is a recent graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in Sustainability Studies. Her focus has been in waste management in not only the U.S., but in her mother’s country of Brazil where open-air landfills are still active. This has driven home the fact that environmental issues are also social issues.

Growing up in Orlando, she never lost her sense of magic and wonder, and her love for costumes and characters flourished. In an effort to inspire environmental education among both kids and adults, she and Sarah created the Trash Princess—a character based on a story Sarah tells her children—and an ongoing craft workshop series for kids where they can create with repurposed materials and learn about environmental issues.

LYNN POLKE – Creative Enabler

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peyton huff repurpose projectAs a life long tinkerer and builder, Peyton has always been drawn to places like Repurpose. Growing up in a small rural town he learned the practical DIY application know-how and enjoys reusing or repurposing limited resources.
When he came back to Gainesville he wanted to be more involved with his community. Working at The Repurpose Project has been a great opportunity to use his skills to help develop something greater and connect with people.


chelseaChelsea was born right here in Gainesville, Florida at Alachua General (now a parking lot!) Her love for this town and its nature and culture is evidenced by her inability to pull herself away from it. She has worked as a community organizer putting together workshops, shows, benefits, festivals, and promoting and fundraising for local grassroots efforts ranging from human rights campaigns for the homeless to fighting legislation that discriminated against the LGBTQ population. She started a non-profit in 2013 that uses music and performance as a platform to encourage self-esteem in young girls, Gainesville Girls Rock Camp, and serves now as the camp’s Director and President of its board. She has received both the E.T. York Work of Heart Award and the KTK Woman of Inspiration Award for her community work. Chelsea has backpacked northern Europe, parts of South America, and toured much of North America performing as a singer and multi-instrumentalist with various bands. She’s watched humpback whales leap out of the water from a small boat off the coast of Ecuador and she’s hiked a mountain in the summer in Norther Sweden so close to the arctic circle that the sun did not set. 2015 was a big year for Chelsea, she graduated from the University of Florida summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and joined the staff team at Repurpose Project! Visit RP to find Chelsea waist-deep in Chiquita banana boxes discussing important issues such as the history and value of a chipped plate or the age and origin of a rusted nail. 

NELSON LAFFEY – Fix-it Cafe Specialist

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SHARON ALTHOUSE – One awesome volunteer!


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