Is your company or organization interested in sponsoring The Repurpose Project?  If so we will prominently display your logo, a brief description of your company/organization, and a link to your website here on this page of our website. Contact Sarah if interested, sarah@repurposeproject.org.  We will email you a sponsorship letter.

Thank You to our Sponsors!

Thank you Satchels Pizza for awarding The Satch Grant to The Repurpose Project(2012).  We really appreciate the financial help needed to file our 501(c)3.

…and THANK YOU AGAIN for gifting us your ATM fees from DEC 2013!  What a surprise and what a help!  Thank you for being so supportive of what we are doing!

Thank you to Lubee Bat Conservancy for contracting with us to salvage their cattle pens!  Because of their environmentally aware thinking will will soon be offering nicely weathered pressure treated lumber at The Repurpose Project!  It could have ended up in a landfill, but now it will have a second life!  Thank you!


trimark logoThank you to Trimark Properties for contracting with us to salvage buildings instead of sending them to the landfill. Our substantial supply of heartpine is a result of their environmental thinking.  They contracted with us to salvage the beautiful and historic railroad building(aka Gainesville Dojo).  Now all that beautiful wood will live on in the form of tables, hardwood flooring, etc crafted by our local artists.


zorseThank you to Zorse Clothing & Screenprinting Shop for screenprinting the repurpose project logo on blank shirts that were donated to us!  We love them!  They are of course available for purchase at our store!


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