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repurpose project community center will reopen fall 2019The Repurpose Project Community Center is re-opening this fall 2019!!!  We are looking for people interested in teaching workshops!  If you have a skill involving salvaged material and want to show others this talent, please fill out this survey.

Our Repurpose Project Community center  promotes the togetherness, creativity, art, music, and play that has been disappearing in our modern world full of technology and consumerism.  This event space is centered around ways to tread lightly on the planet and focus on the things that really matter: quality experiences, community, art, music and creativity.  We are scheduling both adult and kids workshops, fix-it days (to fix those things instead of tossing and buying again), open-ended play (picture cardboard cities, etc), hackerdays, maker space, live music, performance art, dance, gallery openings, puppet shows, trash fashion shows, community yard sales, clothing swaps, and much much more!

Why are we doing this??  Over the last eight years we’ve witnessed a strong desire for quality experiences centered around people, art, music, and dance.  We’ve also noticed that our store is a unique and special place that brings people together and fosters community. Total strangers talk to each other in our store and help each other with project ideas and material suggestions.  It is not unusual for some people to stay in our store for hours at a time. Over the years we have watched this and dreamed of a community center with activities to further this mission, and we are now ready to get started.

Funding – We have a grant from the City of Gainesville, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department to hold workshops this fall of 2019.  With some additional funding, we can go full steam ahead and develop the space to better accommodate the activities we have planned. We have two big projects.  The first is to build a fence to keep children inside the event yard and out of the street and parking lot.  The second is to build a large raised deck along the side of the building that will have multiple useful functions for us: protected area for seating under our building overhang, raised area to better see performances on the stage down below, and a dance floor with ample room for contra dances, yoga, and other fun activities!  We are estimating this will cost $20,000. We are applying for another grant and are also exploring loans.  If you would like to help us improve our community center please consider donating to the cause!  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible.


If you are a contractor and are interested in sponsoring all or part of our deck project, please contact us at  We would love to promote your business for helping us make this community center a better one!!

We are also looking for teachers to teach our workshops.  If you are interested please fill out this survey.

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