Wish List

  • Macbook or ipad for use as our register!
  • Tools(scissors, hand tools, sewing machine, crochet hooks, power tools) – to use in-house at our community tables and our repair center.
  • Sponsors to help us cover the rent
  • Printing company to print some promotional postcards and business cards
  • Volunteers
  • Shoppers!  We have lots of great stuff but in order to complete the recycling loop we need shoppers to buy our used supplies instead of buying new!
  • Box Truck for pickups
  • A warehouse to store large bulky items!  We often have to turn down great items because we don’t have the space to store them.  A storage warehouse would help us make a larger impact by diverting more usable items from going to the landfill!
  • A strip mall! Our grand dream of the future is a strip mall made up of various REUSE stores  instead of the endless stripmalls composed of the big national box stores.  Example: Used Bookstore(instead of Barnes&Noble), Used Clothing store(instead of Ross), Used Toy Store(instead of ToysRUs), used electronics store(instead of BestBuy), used Craft Store/Repurpose Project(instead of Michaels).  If we were given a strip mall, we would love to anchor it with The Repurpose Project and incubate other reuse startups to fill the other stores in the strip mall!  What a dream!  ….and it just might happen some day!

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