Reuse Study

The Repurpose Project is excited to be conducting two different studies that will assess the quantity and value of reusable material being thrown away.

The Curbside Reuse Study is in partnership with The City of Gainesville and will assess reusable items being disposed of at the curb.

The Transfer Station Reuse Study is in partnership with Alachua County and will assess the items being brought to the transfer station for disposal. The county study is supported by The Alachua County Board of County Commissioner’s Waste Reduction Grant.

All reusable items that we pick up for this study will be weighted and barcoded and tracked all the way through their sale so we can provide real numbers for the volume and value of curbside and self haul waste in our local community.

The data collected will be used to design and recommend strategies, systems, and infrastructure needed to build a reuse system to better value resources and keep them in our local circular economy. Once the studies are complete we will compile the data into a report to share far and wide. Stay tuned!

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