Reuse Store

Our reuse store & salvage yard is packed with usable materials overlooked by traditional thrift stores: art supplies, craft supplies, building material, broken but fixable or rejected furniture and furniture parts, and any other random weird thing you can imagine.  Come explore your imagination.  Our inventory will  surely spark your creativity.

Click HERE for a list of items we accept at our reuse store.

We have both conventional & unconventional art supplies, building material,  and much more.  Our goal at The Repurpose Project Reuse Store is to salvage materials that might not otherwise find a home in a traditional thrift store.   A single crayon, a partially used tube of paint, a piece of wood, a plastic cap, an electrical wire, a piece of string, a sheet of paper…..all seem useless as individuals and a thrift store will throw them away.  At The Repurpose Project we take the time to sort and package these items together and renew their value as art objects.

Come and take a look around, rethink what you throw away and get inspired!  That creative energy is in all of us!

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