The Repurpose Project is a non-profit community based effort to divert useful resources from the landfill, redirect these items to the public for art and education, inspire creativity, and help us all rethink what we throw away.  Our first initiative started in January of 2012 was a reuse store, but our organization has grown tremendously to include other programs and initiatives all aimed at bringing awareness to the importance of respecting and reusing the resources we take from the earth.  We are working hard to innovate and build reuse infrastructures locally that will protect our planet and future in the hopes that others will replicate or build upon these models.

Our project includes:

Reuse Store – Many items are overlooked by traditional thrift stores so we started our junkshop specifically to collect and resell these overlooked items.  It is a very strange store and people love it! We have combined the creative reuse center and architectural salvage models and also accept any other weird thing or material that isn’t accepted by traditional thrift stores.  By keeping material circling in our local communities instead of filling up landfills, we are building a strong local economy that is resilient and less reliant on outside supply chains.  Buying used is good for the planet and our local communities.  Reuse stores not only help the earth, but also provide a resource for local and low income residents to get the items they need at a lower price, freeing up their money for other uses.

Zero Waste Initiative – In 2019 we began consulting with businesses, schools, and others to help them reduce waste, redirect usable materials, and educate them on the value of reducing and buying used with a goal to help them reach Zero Waste.  This initiative includes educational workshops that focus on Zero Waste principles and practices, problem materials, and circular economy solutions.

Community Center – (The Repurpose Project Community center is currently on hold due to covid.)  Our community center was created with the purpose of promoting the togetherness, creativity, art, music, and play that has been disappearing in our modern world full of technology and consumerism.  This event space is centered around ways to tread lightly on the planet and focus on the things that really matter: quality experiences, community, art, music and creativity.  Programing includes: adult and kids workshops, fix-it days (to fix those things instead of tossing and buying again), open-ended play (picture cardboard cities, etc), hackerdays, maker space, live music, performance art, dance, gallery openings, puppet shows, trash fashion shows, community yard sales, clothing swaps, and much much more!

Visionaries for a Robust Reuse Economy – With over 10 years of first hand experience in waste diversion we can’t help but imagine and dream of a robust reuse economy.  Our minds are overflowing with circular economy models that will help our planet and local communities.  We recognize that we are just scratching the surface of the waste problem in our town and we do not have the funding to quickly implement many of our ideas ourselves.  We do; however, feel an urgency to get these ideas out to the main stream quickly so we can reduce the planetary harm and protect our earth from climate change.  Here on our website, we will share our ideas, innovations, and blueprints in the hopes that people all over the world will be inspired and able to implement them in their local communities.

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