Art Internship

Repurpose Project Art Gallery Birth featuring art from this semesters art interns is April 20th, 2018 from 5-10pm at The Repurpose Project.  It will also include an open house of the UF Design Builds Mobile Maker Space project from this semester!  Don’t miss it!

We are excited to be at this moment in time! We are finishing up our store reorganization and beginning to create permanent boundaries and permanent junk art on the property.


Spring 2018 – 
We have two art students from The University of Florida participating in our internship program this Spring 2018 semester.  Please meet Yaneisy Reyes(left) & Kylee Jo Skidmore(right).

Kylee Jo Skimore’s Project: “I am interviewing workers, volunteers, and visitors of Repurpose Project to see how they view RP’s role in the community, and how they personally are involved at RP. My drawings are based on the interview answers. RP has a greater mission as a place where different people of the community’s paths cross to affect something larger than themselves. Each individual who utilizes RP has their own methods of helping out and reasons for playing their part…even if they are just picking up junk to utilize instead of letting it go to a landfill. This project stems from my interest in the impact and the spirit that are products of community spaces.

Art by Kylee Jo Skidmore featuring The Trash Princess, Skye – “Skye, who works at RP, aims to redirect wastes and plastics from the environment- especially waterways and the ocean. She is also known as the Trash Princess, who educates children on the importance of waste management as well as teaches them crafts using reused materials from RP. Her dress is also made with reused materials.”


Yaneisy Reyes‘ Project: “I am making various signage pieces for the store such as the informative posters in the bathroom area and the number signs above each aisle. The main goal of my design is to educate customers on environmental issues and encourage them to think creatively about objects they could find new uses for. I hope my designs can inspire our community to find their own creativity, challenge consumerist norms, and find treasure in another man’s trash.”

Art by Yaneisy Reyes – Reconsumerism, 2018, pen, coffee, and dried markers on paper – 
“This series documents junk items found around the store and imagines ways we could repurpose these objects to avoid tossing them in a dumpster. With just a little creativity, we can recognize the beauty and utility in things that are usually considered “junk.” The pervading attitude of “new is better” in our consumerist culture traps us into spending more money and damaging more of our natural environment. By reimagining and recreating the way we use our stuff, we can save our money and our planet, accomplishing way more by using way less.”


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