Junkapocalypse – Haunted Tour

Enter the Junkapocalypse – a haunted house fundraiser event hosted by The Repurpose Project!

Tickets are limited! Buy them here ahead online! Click here to purchase!

9,990 years into the future, we are celebrating the 10,000th anniversary of the RIP, and you are our newest employee. Tour the grounds, learn the ropes, and keep an eye out for trash zombies and killer bees!

Ticket sales on the day of the event will be $10, available along with drinks and other goodies in the front garden area upon entry. Please park next to our location on 18th Terrace, as the main drive will not be accessible by car.

Children under 12 may take the haunted tour for free between 7:00 – 8:00 PM. Please wear closed toed shoes (or the trash zombies might get a little too feisty!) Ticket sales will end by 11:00, so final rounds of the tour should be complete by midnight at the latest. Thank you for supporting the Repurpose Project!

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