RP Hippodrome Art Exhibit

The Repurpose Project Exhinit at The Hippodrome TheaterFor the past two years we have been seeing photos of the amazing things our customers create with salvaged materials! We are thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase the talent we’ve seen! All the artwork in the show is composed of at least 90% reclaimed materials.  This exhibit really illustrates the beauty and creativity that can be found in our “trash”!

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WHAT: Art Exhibition focusing on Sustainability
WHEN: April 4, 2014 – Aug 3rd, 2014 (including JULY Artwalk, Earthday and Mother’s Day!)

  • Artwalk: July 25th, 7:00-10:00pm

WHERE: Hippodrome State Theater – 25 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL 32601

Participating Artists: Ron Kaylor, Wanda J. Burnette-Walker, Colleen Pisano, Anne Smith, Ellen West, Marie Hammer, Cindy Steiler, Jaya Holmes, JT Smalley, Heidi Stein, Terri L. Regotti, Patti Pearson , Valerie Aslakson-Jennings, Rachel Wayne, Courtney Wilhem, Kathleen Pagan, Hannah Price, Milena Arqueros, Nikki Cundiff, Dan Nowland, Ilyusha Mann, Woody Blue, Gill Murray, Mark Avery, Zaina Sheets, onna meyer
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