Community Center Donation Drive

Repurpose Project is in it’s 7th year! Sometimes we feel like ants moving piles of stuff around endlessly and then we look back at how far we have come! What started as a cardtable in an empty lot is now a bustling center proving the feasibility of a used economy that won’t destroy our home planet. We are proud of what we have accomplished with no startup money. With just a dream, a lot of hard work, and a supportive community we made it work and it has been growing fast!

….NOW! Part 2! A Community Center that promotes the togetherness, creativity, art, music, and play that has been disappearing in our modern world full of technology and consumerism. We have the vision & the drive & your donation can kickstart the space. We envision both adult and kids workshops, fix-it days(to fix those things instead of tossing and buying again), open-ended play(picture cardboard cities, etc), hackerdays, maker space, live music, performance, gallery openings and puppet shows! The possibilities are endless. If all our facebook friends donate just $2.98 we will have enough to jumpstart this project by hiring one-full time employee or two part-time employees to focus on it completely!

We have done a lot with a little and plan to further our mission of keeping resources our of our landfill by showing folks alternatives through our community center programming.

Do you love our store and love what we have done? Help us make this community center a reality. We feel confident it will happen in time, but with your help it can start NOW! Thank you for believing in us and thank you for respecting our only home, Earth.

Wondering where this community center will be?  Our plan has been to shift all outdoor salvage yard sales to the west side of the building.  You might have noticed the salvage yard fence going up with the help of a UF Architecture Design Build Class!  They have pushed our plan way ahead!  Thank you Design Build!  With this shift, we are making space on the west side of our property, conveniently neighboring the event room and future makers space.  We are currently working towards building more efficient lumber and display racks to maximize display and shopability of materials.  If you have more time and skills than money, please consider donating your time!  Thank you!!!!

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