Day 3 – Composting

Composting is a great gateway into Zero Waste!! Once the wet and smelly organic material is removed from your trash can you begin to realize that garbage isn’t that gross. Without that organic material, it’s easy to recognize the resources in your trash can. It also keeps you from having to take the garbage out as often and of course provides a wonderful end product that feeds your garden!

There are lots of wonderful ways to compost: backyard compost bins, worm bin composting, and composting services. Please read on for all the info!!

Curious about the food you and your family are throwing away? Click here for an activity that will help you see how much wasted food and food scraps are going to the landfill from your house. After completing this activity, consider source separating your food scraps daily and begin composting.

Curious about composting??

View the slides below (You can advance the slides by either clicking on the image or selecting the expand icon in the bottom panel. Mobile users please rotate screen for optimum viewing).

Preventing food waste from the get-go is so important – learn tips to make the most of groceries and food scraps!!

An important part of Zero Waste is prevention! Learn how to curb your food waste through effective planning, shopping, prep and storage. Click here for the Preventing Food Waste – Resource Sheet

Betsy and her sidekick, Georgia, will show you how to make a worm composting bin out of salvaged 5 gallon buckets. Worm composing is a great way to compost and many people say it is the best type of composted plant food. This bin is small and tidy so it is especially good for apartment dwellers that don’t have room for an outside compost bin. You can even keep the bin under your sink in a cabinet. Bets on the Planet is a show made by kids for kids and adults to help them live a sustainable life that is good for the Earth.

Here are local partners who help prevent food waste in Gainesville through composting, feeding hungry people, seed saving, seed sales, and education:

Working Food

Beaten Path Compost

Two Farms, One Dream

Bread of the Mighty Food Bank

The Trash Princess is an environmental super hero!!

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