Monetary donations are greatly appreciated! Your tax deductible donation will help us expand our operations! Click HERE for more information.

Creative Reuse Items:

Have items you want to donate?  Click here for a partial list of the types of items we accept.


Organizing a creative reuse center like ours takes a LOT of time. We love volunteers! Please consider stopping in during BUSINESS HOURS to help us keep our shelves organized and looking nice. …or if you have another talent that might help us please let us know about that too!  For more information CLICK HERE.

Wish List:

CLICK HERE for a list of things and services that would help us!

Promote Us:

Do you love us and want to help us spread the word?  Please share our posts on Facebook, tell your friends about us, and print out a flyer to hang up at your work, school, or community center.  CLICK HERE for the FLYER!

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