Is your company interested in sponsoring The Repurpose Project?  Email us to set up an appointment to discuss how you can help!  info@repurposeproject.org

Some of our immediate needs are:
1. Pickup Truck and trailer to increase our pickup and delivery capabilities!!
2. Framing Contractor to build a deck along the east side of our building to help make our community center a welcoming and versatile one!

newmans heating and air conditioning and continental air and electric have sponsored the repurpose project ac installation!

Thank you to Newmans Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for sponsoring much of the ac equipment and install costs!!!

After seven years in operation, The Repurpose Project is finally going to have some comfortable shopping and hopefully more people will come and buy used instead of new!!! The net gain for the environment will be positive if more people buy used instead of new. The stuff we buy has a surprisingly large impact on the planet when you take into account harvesting, mining, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping!!! Buy USED!

If you are installing a new AC or upgrading to a more energy efficient unit please get a quote from Newman’s Heating & Air Conditioning and thank them for their generosity to us!! An energy efficient unit upgrade can save you hundreds of dollars and helps to protect this beautiful planet we live on!!

Thank you to Continental Air And Electric, LLC. for donating 100% of the electrical work labor to hook up our new air conditioner(with heat)!!!! This is the second time Continental Air and Electric has helped us out…the first being our fire safety electrical work. We are super grateful to have such a wonderfully supportive electric company believe in what we do and want to help us out!

Thank you to SC Nelson Builders for being our general contractor when we needed to come up to speed for fire safety!!  We couldn’t have done it without you and are forever grateful for your help during this difficult time in our history!!

Thank you to Continental Air And Electric, LLC. for donating 100% of the labor for electrical work needed to bring us up to code for fire safety!!!! This was an incredibly stressful time in our history and we were blown away by the degree of your help with this!

Thank you to Louis Norman Schilling for donating 100% of his time to help us with our fire safety requirements!  We are sooo appreciative of his help!

satchels pizza sponsorship

Satchel’s Pizza has supported us from the beginning and we are so grateful!!!  They originally helped us with the funds to file our 501(c)3 non-profit paperwork by awarding us The Satch Grant in 2012.  And then again they gifted us their ATM fees from DEC 2013!  It was a surprise to us and a great help at the beginning stages of our organization!  They helped us again when we needed to find a new location  in 2015!  Without their help we wouldn’t be in this wonderful and large building we call home now!    And they have given us pizza for our parties and emotional support over our entire existence.  Thank you for being so supportive of what we are doing!!!! 

lubeeThank you to Lubee Bat Conservancy for contracting with us to salvage their cattle pens!  Because of their environmentally aware thinking will will soon be offering nicely weathered pressure treated lumber at The Repurpose Project!  It could have ended up in a landfill, but now it will have a second life!  Thank you!

trimark logoThank you to Trimark Properties for contracting with us to salvage buildings instead of sending them to the landfill. Our substantial supply of heartpine is a result of their environmental thinking.  They contracted with us to salvage the beautiful and historic railroad building(aka Gainesville Dojo).  Now all that beautiful wood will live on in the form of tables, hardwood flooring, etc crafted by our local artists.

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