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The Repurpose Project’s 1st project was setting up and operating a reuse store which has grown tremendously over the years Many items and material are overlooked by traditional thrift stores so we started our junkshop specifically to collect and resell these overlooked items.  It is a very strange store and people love it! We combined two models: the creative reuse center and architectural salvage and also accept any other weird thing or material that isn’t accepted by traditional thrift stores.  By keeping material circling in our local communities instead of filling up landfills, we are building a strong local economy that is resilient and less reliant on outside supply chains.  Buying used is good for the planet and our local communities.  Reuse stores not only help the earth, but also provide a resource for local and low income residents to get the items they need at a lower price, freeing up their money for other uses.  We are here to help both the planet and all the amazing living things on it.

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Tues-Sat: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm
Monday: CLOSED

Donation Hours:
Tues – Sat: 10:30-5pm

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* Social Distancing Required – please stay at least 6 feet from other customers and staff members
* Mask are required on the premises to protect staff and vulnerable customers.
* Restrooms are closed to the public.


Store Phone: (352)363-8902
Call this number for store questions.  Please understand that in-store customer service is extremely important to us.  Our store gets very busy and we will not interrupt a conversation with a customer to answer the phone.  We will return your phone call as soon as we are able.

Store Questions: or call (352)363-8902
Administration: (email is the best way to reach admin)
Pickups/Deliveries: (email is the best way to schedule pickup or delivery)
Donations: or call (352)363-8902
Check our donation page for a list of what we are and aren’t accepting
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1920 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville FL 32609


We are accepting donations but are being more selective than before. Please be understanding if we can not accept all of your donations.  You are welcome to call and ask before you come or just swing by for us to take a look. Thank you for understanding while we transition!

Our goal at The Repurpose Project Reuse Store is to salvage materials that might not otherwise find a home in a traditional thrift store.   A single crayon, a partially used tube of paint, a piece of wood, a plastic cap, an electrical wire, a piece of string, a sheet of paper…..all seem useless as individuals and a thrift store will throw them away.  At The Repurpose Project we take the time to sort and group these items together and renew their value as art objects.

Come take a look around, get inspired, and rethink what you throw away!

Some of the items you might find:

Creative Reuse Items: bottle caps (clean please), corks, scrap paper, old magazines for collage, old books for collage, little plastic toys, chopsticks, door keys, keyboard keys, samples, toothbrushes, combs, bottles, buttons, scrap wire

Art & Craft Supplies: paint, pencils, markers, frames, paper, crayons, brushes, ink, pastels, yarn, fabric, sewing supplies, scrap wood, floral, baskets, knitting needles, crochet needles, rope, string, embroidery floss, jewelry (including broken jewelry & watches), glue

Electronics: speakers, computers, keyboards, modems, routers, amplifiers, wires, monitors, vhs players, dvd players, antiques, typewriters *Electronics waste, E-waste, is the fastest growing part of our waste stream and much of it contains hazardous metals.  We feel passionate about diverting as much of it as possible from the landfill.  We have both working electronics and broken electronics that can be used for parts or art.

Furniture: chairs, desks, couches, office furniture, filing cabinets, shelves, furniture parts, broken furniture if it is wood

Home Improvement: Toilets, sinks, plumbing, electrical, lighting fixtures, bulbs, tile, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, house paint, tools

Architectural Salvage: Antique windows, regular windows, heartpine wood, brick, flooring

Party Supply: wrapping paper, giftbags, cards, string, decorations, silverware, seasonal supplies, wedding decorations

Office & School Supplies: lined paper, 3-ring binders, folders, paperclips, hole punches, pens, dry erase markers & boards, printer paper, pencils, staplers, staples, erasers, filing cabinets, teaching material, file folders, colored paper

Media: cds, dvds, vhs, books, magazines, cassette tapes, floppy disks

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