We can pick up your donations!

donation pickup service gainesville florida nonprofit furniture resale shop

Please email pickups@repurposeproject.org with:
1. pictures of your items
2. address
3. phone number

We will email you back as quickly as possible to let you know if it is possible and schedule a time.

Our home pickup service relies on a donation (sliding scale between $15-$60 to cover our labor and truck expenses). Please consider more if you are able.

We know it is hard to transport large items and this often leads to abandoning usable items at your curbside. Our quest to reduce waste has led us to offer this pickup service.

Larger pickups & cleanouts:

We have begun offering an environmentally minded pickups and cleanout service for large jobs. Our clients range from people who have recently sold a house and need it emptied before their closing date to companies who are downsizing their office space. We are the alternative to renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal service. We do everything we can to market and resell the material we pickup and if they don’t sell, we recycle or break down the items into usable art objects to our best ability. Our fees for this service vary depending on the volume, material type, and travel distance. Email pickups@repurposeproject.org with specifics to get a price quote.

Thank you for keeping your usable items in our community!

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