Zero Waste Initiative

We are excited to announce a new zero waste initiative here at The Repurpose Project!

MISSION: Repurpose Project Partners to Zero Waste consults with businesses, schools, and others to reduce waste, redirect usable materials, and educate parties on the value of reducing and buying used in an effort to help them reach Zero Waste. Partners are recognized for their leadership in implementing sustainability practices that get them closer to achieving Zero Waste.

WHAT IS ZERO WASTE? Zero Waste is the conservation of all resources by means of responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of products, packaging, and materials without burning and with no discharges to land, water or air that threaten the environment or human health. (Definition is from the Zero Waste International Alliance’s peer review definition of Zero Waste which we align with) Want to learn more about zero waste? Click here.

DOES ZERO WASTE REALLY MEAN NO WASTE AT ALL? Reducing your trash by 90% or more is the current agreed upon definition of achieving Zero Waste. As our world moves towards less wasteful systems this definition will likely change, but at the moment reducing waste by 90% is a reachable and commendable goal if the will is there. You can achieve “Zero Waste” by using reusables instead of disposables, buying things without packaging, avoiding single use items, sharing resources, fixing broken things instead of replacing and more.

FOR BUSINESS: Our Zero Waste initiative can help your business move towards and achieve Zero Waste.  Being a responsible steward of the planet is quickly becoming an expectation of businesses.  As more people become aware of the limits of our planet and the environmental harms of business as usual, they are beginning to vote with their dollars to help support responsible business models.  We can help you reduce your business waste, reduce the need for resources in the first place, reduce the need for energy use, and save your business money in the process. Our RPP Zero Waste Certification can help community members realize your commitment to reducing waste and your responsibility to protect our amazing planet for future generations.  Interested in consulting with us to become a Repurpose Project Partner to Zero Waste? Click here if the answer is YES!

FOR SCHOOLS: Want your school to be Zero Waste?  Are you a business, organization, or local group that wants to help a local school in need?  Our Zero Waste initiative for schools helps local schools get the resources they need and reduce their environmental impact.  We recognize that schools have limited resources, especially the schools most in need, so we have developed a sponsorship program so businesses and others can sponsor a classroom to give them the resources needed for learning in an environmentally friendly way.  Interested in learning more? Click here if the answer is YES!

FOR INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES: Interested in learning how you as an individual can make changes in your life and habits to head towards Zero Waste?  Want to teach your kids how to be good stewards of our beautiful planet? Take a look at our Zero Waste lifestyle resource page to learn easy ways to begin or further your path towards a sustainable future.  We have put together this free resource to help you learn ways to reduce your impact on the planet. Click here to learn more!

ZERO WASTE EVENTS: Interested in making your event a Zero Waste one?  We can help you make it happen. Our Director of Zero Waste will strategize with your party on ways to reduce unnecessary waste by using durable reusable items, rental instead of purchase, event compost, source separation recycling receptacles and more.  We even have durable/washable silverware, plates and other items available for rent. Let us help you make your event a low to Zero Waste one! More info coming soon!

ZERO WASTE WORKSHOPS: Would you like to have a Zero Waste workshop for your staff or group?  We are always looking for opportunities to share information about Zero Waste strategies for both the workplace and home life.  One of the amazing things about Zero Waste is it can save individuals, non-profits, and businesses money while protecting natural resources for future generations.  We can host Zero Waste workshops for your group at The Repurpose Project Community Center space or travel to your location. More info coming soon!

ZERO WASTE HOUR AT RP: Come to our Zero Waste Hour at The Repurpose Project to ask questions and learn about how to get started or navigate through your Zero Waste journey. Amanda, our Director of Zero Waste, will be stationed in The Repurpose Project reuse store to answer questions about how to achieve a waste free lifestyle.  Zero Waste Kits put together with salvaged material will be available for purchase and also displayed as an example of how you can build your own travel Zero Waste kit. Think beyond the bag! More details on day and time coming soon.

Amanda Rice Waddle
grew up in central Florida and has loved animals and nature since she was young. She began her career as a zookeeper after receiving an AS degree in Zoo Animal Technology and a BS degree in Zoology. Her love of nature and ecosystems led Amanda to graduate school at the University of Florida where she earned a Masters of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Ecology. Amanda spent many years studying alligators and amphibians from north central Florida lakes to the Everglades. Upon marriage and two children Amanda became a stay at home mom for several years and found herself reading books about trash, plastic in the oceans, and sustainability. Amanda’s connection to nature and desire to study and protect animals, nature, and ecosystems have led her to work in the Zero Waste world. Amanda is currently a certified TRUE Advisor, a certified Zero Waste Associate, has a certification in Sustainable Resource Management, is an ambassador to the 5 Gyres Institute, and Zero Waste Gainesville’s Zero Waste and Policy Advisor. Her goals as The Repurpose Project’s Director of Zero Waste are to work with businesses, schools, and events to get them on the path towards Zero Waste and create Zero Waste educational material for the community.

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