FUNDRAISING 2016 Looking Forward

fundraising-2016We have some growth plans for spring and some donated cash would help us complete them : )


It has always been our desire to develop as much community space as possible.
Between now and our Earth Day Festival we will be in the process of designing and building an event area on the East side of the building. This will include a much needed parking expansion which will allow us to develope the front area of Repurpose into an interactive community space including gardens, children’s play area, exhibits of the most common and uncommon trash that we are passionate about, sculptures and spontaneous art to spark your imagination, plus ongoing creative reuse examples centered around sustainability. You are invited to be a part of this curbside view of the Repurpose Project!


Help us by donating what you want. As always, we operate at a minimum, just barely covering our overhead each month. But we do it and we love it. Just watching your donations come into the intake area and then travel to the shelf on their way out the front door is rewarding to watch. Greeting everyone that we can is an amazing experience for us and our volunteers each day.

So here’s what you might be able to do:

You might donate by volunteering with whatever skills you have. We always try to match people up with what they do best and the results are always good!

You might just have some free time and find others to come volunteer with you for a few hours and watch the heart of Repurpose beat with the Rhythm of Sustainability!

Then again, maybe you would feel comfortable with a monetary donation. We are a 501(c)3 non profit and our plans will need a budget.

We really want to develop this community footprint at Repurpose Project and we want you to be a part of it. After all, it is a Project where we can all help the Heartbeat of Sustainability!

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